November 13, 2014

Internet Explorer 9 No Longer Supported by Google

Google is now a support for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9. So it is at least in a release that was published on the blog of the Google Apps team yesterday Therein Google puts his reasons are: There will always support only the current and the previous version of the popular Internet browser.

Internet Explorer 9: Google no longer support

Since recently the Internet Explorer For Mac was published, it would now only support this latest version and Internet Explorer 10, the work and tests with version 9 will be set, however. Users who have used Gmail or other Google services into the future do not support your browser, you would notify in the next few weeks via email and encourage them to perform updates on more modern browser.

To what extent does Google with this announcement, Ernst and support for Internet Explorer 9 is really completely ceases, remains to be seen. After all, there is the Internet Explorer 11 only for the previously little used operating system Windows 8.1, the market share is therefore relatively low. The most popular Internet Explorer is currently the IE10 with about twelve percent, followed by the version 8 (9.45%) and 9 (5.88%). For these figures are taken unspectacular, but effectively it means that Google supports only one of the three most popular versions of Internet Explorer and a not inconsiderable part of its users locked out when it implements its plans into action.

In addition, for the users to update to version 10 is not always easy or even possible. Windows Vista users can not upgrade to Internet Explorer 10 for example. Or who simply may be due to corporate policies do not change the browser or the operating system and Windows Vista needs to use, has a serious problem, especially since Microsoft plans to support Vista yet to 2017 Up to this point, no more Google services? In the next few days you will certainly hear a lot about this topic. It will be interesting.