Student Loan

  • September 27, 2019

There were nearly 160,000 students in Croatia last semester, according to the Croatian Bureau of Statistics. Although the number has dropped by 30,000 students from five years ago, the demand for higher education has not declined.

The smaller number of students is a consequence of the negative natural growth, but also of the eviction that has been affecting our country for the last decade.

Student loans with us in the world

Student loans with us in the world

Students are the driving force of society, but many of them are unable to finance their education. State-based study quotas are few, while the rest can study at their own expense, if they wish.

These costs are not small at all, and they include tuition, rent, overheads, food and student supplies. Part of this is why students opt for student loans . Student loan in the United States is a common thing and few receive scholarships. Student loan is an integral part of their life, which they repay for years after graduation.

What is Student Loan?


The situation is different here. Specifically, student loan is a special type of loan intended for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students. Both state and private colleges are involved in this. Student loan is also intended for students studying abroad. The specificity of this type of loan lies in its repayment, namely, during the study only interest is paid most often, while the principal is repaid upon graduation. Most often, there is a one-year repayment period.

Banks usually provide a student loan for seven years, but require a co-borrower or guarantor to make sure that the loan is repaid. They rely on credit and often request customer status at their banks. Credit houses are much more flexible and offer student loan cash that students can use to meet their wishes and needs. Student loans can be accessed online, which means there are no unnecessary trips to the office. To students who are rushing from class to class, this is extremely important because of the lack of time.

All you need is an ID and a current account card to get a student loan. The financial orderliness of the clients and their ability to repay the loan regularly are taken into account.

How to facilitate student loan repayment?


The student budget can be filled with scholarships and credit facilities offered by cities and counties. For the best students, their local community is usually helped by co-financing interest rates, one-time assistance and scholarships.

In addition to working through a student service, students can complete their budget and make it easy to repay the loan installment. A great advantage in scholarships lies in the fact that companies, for example, which provide scholarships to students, are most often guaranteed a job upon graduation.