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  • June 7, 2019



Boursorama Banque now offers Apple Pay, Apple’s mobile payment service. This service allows you to simply pay for your purchases with your iPhone or Apple Watch safely and without contact. With Apple Pay, you can pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch in complete security and privacy.


Apple Pay makes life easier for Banque customers


Apple Pay makes life easier for Boursorama Banque customers


Boursorama Banque has been offering since March 6, 2018 Apple Pay, a new payment method to pay for purchases with its iPhone or Apple Watch at a merchant with a compatible terminal. More than 40% of payment terminals of French merchants today accept Apple Pay. It is enough that the terminal accepts the contactless and voila, Apple Pay is compatible.


Apple Pay Bank, how does it work?


Apple Pay Boursorama Bank, how does it work?


With Boursorama’s free Apple Pay service, you can pay with an iPhone from SE, 6 or newer. You can even pay in a wrist stroke with your Apple Watch connected to your iPhone. To use Apple Pay to pay for your contactless and secure purchases, it’s easy:

  • Click Wallet on the home screen of your iPhone
  • Scan the front of your credit card using the iPhone camera or enter the numbers of your credit card manually
  • Enter the month and year of expiry of the CB Boursorama
  • Enter the visual cryptogram on the back of the credit card, a three-digit code
  • Activate Apple Pay for your credit card in Wallet by entering a 6-digit code sent from Boursorama via SMS

And now, you just have to enjoy the simplicity of use Apple Pay Boursorama Bank to pay your purchases with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

To pay ? Nothing more simple, approach your iPhone or Apple Watch. Beyond 30 € of purchase, you will have to authenticate using your password or your fingerprint with Touch ID. The real advantage of Apple Pay is to allow you to carry out your transactions in complete confidentiality unlike a bank card. Indeed, during the transaction with your iPhone, the merchant does not have access to your credit card details when you make your purchases with Apple Pay.

With Apple Pay, the only ceiling limit for your payments is the ceiling of your bank card Boursorama Bank. All CB Boursorama Banque are compatible with the Apple Pay service including:

In addition to now offering Apple Pay, Boursorama Bank is the least expensive bank in bank fees with less than 12 € bank fees per year and 59% of Boursorama customers who have not even paid a single penny. One million two hundred thousand people already trust Boursorama Banque, so why not you?
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