February 23, 2017

Tips for Getting a Diamond

It is extremely important to buy a precious stone in the daylight, a day of excellent weather condition and also exposure to the north. It is in these conditions that the true shade of the diamond will certainly show up.

In the lack of these conditions it will certainly be preferable to make use of a light that is in a light near daytime. In all good fashion jewelry you will have the ability to find lamps that are geared up with special lamps, called chilly light lamps, that serve for the selection of the enhanced diamonds .

Fluorescent tubes are not recommended.

It must be systematically required to have a gemological certification of diamonds whose weight is higher than 0.50 carat weight.

It must be issued by an internationally renowned gemology laboratory that has an exceptional credibility. A checklist of these research laboratories can be discovered on our web page: diamond certificate.

This gemological record includes all the main features of the diamond, it is a true diamond identification card as well as can not be perplexed with another.

If you intend to have even more information about the credibility of a specific gemology lab, about the certification or if you have any inquiries, please call several professionals to obtain your point of view.

The qualities of the diamond have to constantly be examined. Actually, there could be rather significant price distinctions in between 2 diamonds of equal weight however with a little various colors or purity. Take, for example, a 1-carat diamond that has actually not been accredited, we would certainly say that this diamond is classified as F in shade and VS1 in purity, in theory this diamond would set you back around EUR 12,223.00 ( cost in the retail profession: Jewelery, jewelery, etc.). It would suffice for this diamond to have a lesser pureness worth, ie to be VS2, for its price to be EUR 10,899.00, or about 10.83% less (EUR 1,324.00), which is not negligible in Time of such purchase.

Therefore the relevance of the certificate, the true diamond identification card. Thanks to him you can truly understand just what to buy. However, interest, a certificate is not a warranty of high quality because, basically, a diamond can have a certification however be of poor quality ( inadequate purity, colors, percentages, brightening, balance, fluorescence, etc …). For this reason the significance of understanding how you can “decode” a certificate and also review it thoroughly. A small sentence on the certification, Quality boosted or Shade improved, must motivate you to react. It remains in the presence of a diamond whose pureness or shade has actually been synthetically modified and also the cost of such a diamond drops dramatically (from 60 to 80%). If you understand the 4 C (weight, color, purity, dimension) you have just to know the price of this diamond in the retail trade. For this you could access our area” diamond rate” to compare the price embeded in the jewelry and also the price set on our web page and also, if you observe a distinction also big versus you, you must see …

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