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  • July 30, 2019

It happens to the best sometimes, the month is only half gone and you are already without money. It may have been a bit disappointing because a lot of bills had to be paid this month. Of course you do this nicely, but then you are without money. With an advance on your wage within 10 minutes you can create some financial space without too high costs so that you can get through the month a bit more pleasantly. With an advance or a mini loan you can borrow a small amount of up to 800 for a short period, as an option you can still choose to have the amount deposited into your account within 10 minutes. Continue reading how you can approach this smartly.

Take a look at online payday loan lenders only

You can of course take out the payday loan direct lender that you come across on the internet, perhaps you are lucky that it is a provider that does not charge you so much. You can check out and apply for an online payday loan direct lender.

What should you pay attention to?

So you don’t really have to pay attention to interest, it is the same everywhere and should never be more than the legally permitted percentage. What you have to pay attention to are the extra costs that you may or may not have to make optional.

Mini loan provider without options

With one provider there is nothing to choose from and there is only one package, this is a mini-loan provider that pays you as standard super fast, but on the other hand charges costs for this because you are required to take out warranty insurance. . If you have no problems with this, were you already planning to choose payout the same day or within 10 minutes, then you can safely take it.

Provider with options

With yet another provider you have much more freedom to indicate how you prefer to receive the mini loan. If you do not choose any paid option then you only have to pay the interest and then it is ready. There is, however, a disadvantage: you will only receive your requested amount into your account after 4 days. Among the paid options you will find, among other things, an option that you can choose to ensure that your application is viewed and approved very quickly, since the faster your application is viewed, the faster the money is in your account.

Borrow money without credit

A common question is whether you can take out a mini loan if you have a BKR listing. The answer to that is yes, no testing is being carried out so you can safely borrow money without bkr. However, make sure that you can pay off your mini-loan properly after the agreed time. If you do not do this, you will not be able to go there the next time and you will also have a lot of nagging and extra costs. Make for yourself the calculation of what you normally have to spend free after the agreed period, if this is 500 euros, then you can safely borrow 500 euros.

Borrow money tips

Before you proceed with an application, it may be useful to first delve into the fact whether it is a wise choice to apply for a loan. For example, you can take a look at the website, where you will find many useful tips and calculation tools that can help you make a good decision. Because as you may know: Borrowing money also costs money!

Student Loan

  • September 27, 2019

There were nearly 160,000 students in Croatia last semester, according to the Croatian Bureau of Statistics. Although the number has dropped by 30,000 students from five years ago, the demand for higher education has not declined.

The smaller number of students is a consequence of the negative natural growth, but also of the eviction that has been affecting our country for the last decade.

Student loans with us in the world

Student loans with us in the world

Students are the driving force of society, but many of them are unable to finance their education. State-based study quotas are few, while the rest can study at their own expense, if they wish.

These costs are not small at all, and they include tuition, rent, overheads, food and student supplies. Part of this is why students opt for student loans . Student loan in the United States is a common thing and few receive scholarships. Student loan is an integral part of their life, which they repay for years after graduation.

What is Student Loan?


The situation is different here. Specifically, student loan is a special type of loan intended for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students. Both state and private colleges are involved in this. Student loan is also intended for students studying abroad. The specificity of this type of loan lies in its repayment, namely, during the study only interest is paid most often, while the principal is repaid upon graduation. Most often, there is a one-year repayment period.

Banks usually provide a student loan for seven years, but require a co-borrower or guarantor to make sure that the loan is repaid. They rely on credit and often request customer status at their banks. Credit houses are much more flexible and offer student loan cash that students can use to meet their wishes and needs. Student loans can be accessed online, which means there are no unnecessary trips to the office. To students who are rushing from class to class, this is extremely important because of the lack of time.

All you need is an ID and a current account card to get a student loan. The financial orderliness of the clients and their ability to repay the loan regularly are taken into account.

How to facilitate student loan repayment?


The student budget can be filled with scholarships and credit facilities offered by cities and counties. For the best students, their local community is usually helped by co-financing interest rates, one-time assistance and scholarships.

In addition to working through a student service, students can complete their budget and make it easy to repay the loan installment. A great advantage in scholarships lies in the fact that companies, for example, which provide scholarships to students, are most often guaranteed a job upon graduation.


  • June 12, 2019

12 Feb 5 tips to improve your small business

12 Feb 5 tips to improve your small business

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Managing a business is not an easy task, so as not to fail, it is important that you improve your business constantly. In Konfío we want to give you 5 tips so that you can work on the growth of your SME.

Take care of the presentation of your business

Take care of the presentation of your business

It is important that you take care of the presentation of your SME. Be careful with the image you project to your clients. Daily works on the maintenance and cleaning of your work spaces and sales spaces. Make sure you have a nice office or office so that your clients feel comfortable. If you notice that your business is deteriorating, remember that you can invest some money to remodel, decorate or expand your premises.

Do not forget the publicity

To make yourself known, you need to advertise your business. There are different ways to advertise it. You can try the traditional way with advertisements and flyers, or I also recommend that you initiate online advertising. Create an official page for your business and in it, upload the photographs of your products and share the offers in the social networks of your SME.

Control your inventory

Control your inventory

To better manage your SME, I recommend that you keep a daily control of your inventory. This way you will know how much product you have stored and how much product you have on display. And so, you will avoid having shortage of products. Do not stop to stock up on product or material so you always have it ready for your clients.

Manage your debts well

Manage your debts well

Always keep in mind the short or long term debts that you have to pay, such as the payment of services, the payment of salaries, loans for SMEs, etc. In this way, you will know how much money you need to earn monthly so that you give up the money to pay all your monthly expenses.

Control your cash

The cash you use daily, to make transactions with your customers. Take a detailed control of all the cash that goes in and out of your business so that you have a better financial health in your SME.

Apple Pay Bank – 01 Online Banking

  • June 7, 2019



Boursorama Banque now offers Apple Pay, Apple’s mobile payment service. This service allows you to simply pay for your purchases with your iPhone or Apple Watch safely and without contact. With Apple Pay, you can pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch in complete security and privacy.


Apple Pay makes life easier for Banque customers


Apple Pay makes life easier for Boursorama Banque customers


Boursorama Banque has been offering since March 6, 2018 Apple Pay, a new payment method to pay for purchases with its iPhone or Apple Watch at a merchant with a compatible terminal. More than 40% of payment terminals of French merchants today accept Apple Pay. It is enough that the terminal accepts the contactless and voila, Apple Pay is compatible.


Apple Pay Bank, how does it work?


Apple Pay Boursorama Bank, how does it work?


With Boursorama’s free Apple Pay service, you can pay with an iPhone from SE, 6 or newer. You can even pay in a wrist stroke with your Apple Watch connected to your iPhone. To use Apple Pay to pay for your contactless and secure purchases, it’s easy:

  • Click Wallet on the home screen of your iPhone
  • Scan the front of your credit card using the iPhone camera or enter the numbers of your credit card manually
  • Enter the month and year of expiry of the CB Boursorama
  • Enter the visual cryptogram on the back of the credit card, a three-digit code
  • Activate Apple Pay for your credit card in Wallet by entering a 6-digit code sent from Boursorama via SMS

And now, you just have to enjoy the simplicity of use Apple Pay Boursorama Bank to pay your purchases with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

To pay ? Nothing more simple, approach your iPhone or Apple Watch. Beyond 30 € of purchase, you will have to authenticate using your password or your fingerprint with Touch ID. The real advantage of Apple Pay is to allow you to carry out your transactions in complete confidentiality unlike a bank card. Indeed, during the transaction with your iPhone, the merchant does not have access to your credit card details when you make your purchases with Apple Pay.

With Apple Pay, the only ceiling limit for your payments is the ceiling of your bank card Boursorama Bank. All CB Boursorama Banque are compatible with the Apple Pay service including:

In addition to now offering Apple Pay, Boursorama Bank is the least expensive bank in bank fees with less than 12 € bank fees per year and 59% of Boursorama customers who have not even paid a single penny. One million two hundred thousand people already trust Boursorama Banque, so why not you?
Open a billboard account to stop paying bank fees
Take advantage now of a free Visa Classic or Premier credit card and a free accountancy fee.


How to know your credit statement

  • May 28, 2019

Knowing your credit statement is very simple. Thanks to the fact that the service is completely online you can check it as many times as you want, any day of the year and it is always updated. Payments are reflected in maximum 48 hours.

Your panel tells you the statement of your Great Loan Finance credit

Your panel tells you the statement of your Good Finance credit

Upon entering you will see a panel like the following one where the payments made to your credit appear, the pending payments to be made, commissions, ordinary interests, default interests, etc.

Your next payment or prepayments

In Great Loan Finance you can make advance payments or settle your credit in advance. If you want to know when your next payment will be and the amount you must have in your bank account to make the payment, go to the “Next payment” section. Your panel tells you the statement of your Great Loan Finance credit

If you make an advance payment it will also be reflected in this section.

Capital and total paid of your credit

Capital and total paid of your credit

In the summary of your payments you can see the capital you have paid from your credit and the total you will have paid at the end of the life of your loan.

More credit details

You can delve into more details of your credit by clicking on the “Payment table”, “See full list” or by periods. Your panel tells you the statement of your Great Loan Finance credit



As you will see, it is very easy to know your credit statement. Every payment you make is reflected in your panel within a few hours and is always available.

* To preserve the privacy of our applicants this post was made from a simulated credit, therefore some data may not match. Thanks to the fact that the service is completely online you can check it as many times as you want, any day of the year and it is always updated


  • May 25, 2019


Do you need money? would you rather opt for a secure and reliable means of borrowing? Learn more about payroll loans offered by Banco do Estado do Espírito Santo.

It is important to inquire about the fees and conditions involved before hiring a payroll loan.

Different reasons may lead someone to take out a loan. Faced with so many options available today, payday loan is interesting because it is versatile and can be used according to needs. In addition, your fees are deducted directly from the salary or benefit, which expedites and guarantees your release and discharge.

In BANESTES, payroll loans are offered to individuals, such as retirees or pensioners of the INSS and employees of public or private companies.

See in this article the advantages, requirements, conditions and other important information to get your doubts about the payroll deductible loan of the State Bank of Espírito Santo.

How does the payroll loan of the Banco do Estado do Espírito Santo?

How does the payroll loan of the Banco do Estado do Espírito Santo?

BANESTES seeks to collaborate with the financial development of the State. For this, it counts on the subsidy of the government, so it can offer the population better solutions. Here are some conditions and important information regarding payroll loan:

  • The portion of payment related to the payee can not be higher than 30% of the salary or benefit
  • The percentage to be committed to the discharge of the loan may vary according to the paying agency or company
  • The release of money occurs through analysis of registration and credit
  • For non-account holders, the release may occur through a Payment Order
  • The IOF is included in the value of the
  • Payment must be made in fixed monthly installments, directly discounted on the customer’s payroll or paycheck
  • For more information regarding the credit repayment term, contact the

In order to be able to contract payroll loans, the company or paying agency must have an agreement with the Bank. This will ensure that this type of financial transaction is carried out safely.

Interest rate

Interest rate

Low interest rates are a great attraction of payroll loans. However, it is important to be aware of the current values ​​at the time of hiring. In November 2018, the payroll loan of BANESTES had the following rates:

  • Consigned INSS: 1.98% per month
  • Private Consignment: 3.30% per month
  • Public Consignment: 1.75% per month

Deadline for payment

Deadline for payment

Flexible payment terms are a differential offered by BANESTES in the contracting of payroll loans. The following deadlines are offered:

  • Consigned INSS: 96 months
  • Private Consignment: Consult (Varies according to agreement)
  • Payroll Public: 96 months



  • Attractive rates and deadlines
  • It is not necessary to be a bank account holder to make a paycheck
  • Employees with temporary employment contracts may apply



  • If you are an accountant, you must go to an agency with RG, CPF and proof of residence
  • If you are retired or a pensioner, you must also bring the registration and proof of payment of the benefit
  • If you are not an account holder, please contact the Bank for



Before deciding to make the loan, it is very important to read the agreement, get all the doubts and to know about the rates and values ​​involved. Through the Total Effective Cost (CET) document, it is possible to access this information and thus compare the conditions offered by different banks, making sure to make the best choice.

Payroll deductible credit can be a great solution to take out small or large debts because your rates are deducted from your paycheck before it even falls into the account, excluding the possibility of delays and nonpayment.

However, having a lower than usual amount to pay for expenses over a few months or years may require planning and commitment. So, one should carefully analyze the pros and cons before making the loan. Taking this step recklessly can, instead of bringing a solution, bring about many problems.

Did you find the article useful? Do you have any tips on loan consignment in the State Bank of Espírito Santo? Talk to us in the comments section!


Apply for loans in 15 minutes

  • May 4, 2019

In the age of technology, immediacy is what counts. We send a WhatsApp and we can’t wait more than 3 seconds for it to turn blue. A complete series of 5 seasons lasts for a weekend. We have only two hands but we can handle the computer and the cell phone at the same time … We get used to the speed of images and messages and, in the same way, we want things now. With this demand, we can get fast food, online shopping without moving from home, orders of any kind in half an hour, such as requesting personal loans in 15 minutes.

In 15 minutes we can do very useful and even transcendent things for our lives

money transfer

Since making the purchase of the supermarket; meditation or exercise routine; pay the house bills; make an online consultation with the doctor; fight with our best friend; and even conceive a child (I will not explain how!). But this time I want to stop at the possibility of applying for a loan in less than 15 minutes; A fast cash advance that can change your life.

Entering my website or downloading my app on your cell phone you can ask me for a personal loan in a couple of clicks. Every day, from anywhere in the country and in a very simple way you apply for advancement and you get the money on the spot in your bank account. There are no paperwork or paperwork, the whole process is online. You registered, follow a few simple steps and request it. If I approve you, I deposit the money at the time and the next month I owe it from the same account. There is no small print, no hidden expenses, you have all the information available on my website.

The requirements are very few

The requirements are very few

By entering the loan simulator, you can check the amount I can give you, how much you will have to pay me back and in what period. The requirements are very few and, as I told you, they are totally checked through the web. With the cash in hand, the possibilities are endless: you pay debts, buy whatever you want, make a venture, help a family member, fix the house, your car or go on vacation. They are less than 15 minutes to solve things that perhaps years ago you have been dragging without solution or others that you have designed for the future and that seem to never come to.

Think about it 15 minutes and then ask me. Ask me and celebrate for 15 minutes without stopping because you got the money you needed. You can also celebrate 15 of your daughter or your birthday and not spend another 15 years without a big celebration. Celebrate that summer is coming and apply for loans in 15 minutes, so you can get cute, invest in you and pay for all treatments you want! Or I invested in a new business and do not think more than 15 minutes: you can change your future.

Your dreams are possible with the advancement

Your dreams are possible with the advancement

Your dreams are possible with the advancement of Good lender. Which are the requirements? Being over 18 years. Have some type of income and a bank account in your name (which does not correspond to a social plan). Have a photo of your ID. If this is the first time you ask me for money, you will have to register and the system will indicate the amount I can give you. The more I know you the more money I can give you and the less I charge you. So if you come back to me, you will have better and better benefits with my loans in 15 minutes.

Immediate or Deferred Debit for His Credit Card?

  • April 6, 2019


 When choosing a credit card, you can choose an immediate debit or debit card . In an online bank , you can even benefit from a free credit card and therefore without annual fee of € 40 for a classic bank card to € 130 for a high-end bank card. What is the difference between a debit or debit card ? Does the debit mode change the use of the credit card? What are the advantages and disadvantages of debiting your credit card immediately or in the future? Explanations to choose your bank card in immediate or deferred debit .


Choose an immediate debit or debit card?

Choose an immediate debit or debit card?


Before choosing the debit mode of your credit card , you need to know the difference between a debit card and a debit card . The difference between an immediate or deferred debit card is:

  • Bank card with immediate debit : the bank account is debited within 2-3 days after the bank has taken note of a withdrawal or a payment with the CB
  • Deferred debit card : the bank account is debited at the end of the month of all withdrawals and CB payments of the current month.


Now that you know what the difference is between a debit or debit card , you can choose how to debit your credit card . For a bank card with systematic authorization, the debit mode is similar to immediate debit but this time, your bank account is not debited 2-3 days later but in real time. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a debit or debit card ?

Advantages and disadvantages of the debit mode of his credit card


Advantages and disadvantages of the debit mode of his credit card


To properly choose an immediate or deferred debit card , you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of a debit card and a debit card .

Advantages and disadvantages of a debit card

The advantage of a debit card is to have a better monitoring of the balance of his bank account since payments and withdrawals CB appear 2-3 days later in the follow up bank statement.

The disadvantage of a debit card is that you can find yourself in unauthorized overdraft in the middle of the month if your salary is paid at the end of the month and you have no savings. security .

Advantages and disadvantages of a debit card

The advantage of a deferred debit card is not to find yourself in the open while waiting for the arrival of your salary at the end of the month. The deferred debit card is ideal if you do not have savings aside . You keep a high balance until the end of the month. At the end of the month , all your payments and withdrawals by credit card is removed from your bank account .

On the other hand, the disadvantage of the deferred debit card is that you have to calculate the sum of your expenses and withdrawals of the month from day to day . Thus, you are sure to have a sufficient balance to cover your CB payments and withdrawals of the month that will be taken at the end of the month at the risk of being uncovered the following month.


Bank card with immediate or deferred debit, in summary


Bank card with immediate or deferred debit, in summary


Choosing my debit or debit card is an important decision to make. In summary, the difference between an immediate and deferred debit CB is:

  • Choosing an immediate debit CB allows you to better manage your bank account, withdrawals and CB payments are taken from the account 2-3 days later
  • Choosing a deferred debit CB is ideal if you do not have precautionary savings. So you can use your salary that falls at the end of the month for your current month’s expenses

However, if you choose a debit card , it imposes a great rigor on the calculation of the sum of your payments and withdrawals CB . Indeed, if you do not calculate the sum of your expenses of the month, you may find yourself in the open of a large amount of money without knowing it . Conversely, an immediate debit card allows you to take quick action to limit your overdraft since you can follow in real time, within 2 or 3 days, the balance of your bank account.

Bank card immediate or deferred debit, bank online


In a traditional bank, a deferred debit CB costs more than an immediate debit CB, count on average 7 € more per month. In an online bank, the credit card is free for you to take an immediate debit card . In addition, leaving your traditional bank to join the bank online , is saying goodbye to bank charges if you use the online account without incident, or 200 € savings per year . Online banking also allows you to better manage your bank account with an intuitive mobile app and an ergonomic website . By opening an account in an online bank , you will not only save time managing your budget . With the welcome offer , you can also earn money for opening an account for the first time. Go to the online banking comparison .


Withdraw without Card and Consultation Balance

  • March 27, 2019


Biometria Bradesco allows consultation and withdrawal without card at the ATM. “Bradesco Security at the Palm of the Hand” this is Bradesco’s call for the new service available at thousands of ATM machines throughout Brazil. December (2012) was the month of technological news, mainly those launched by banking and financial institutions, as well as numerous new features, including bank cards with payment by approach.

Bradesco’s Biometrics for cardless withdrawal of the limit amount and queries of account statements was already being noticed by the users of the network and by its clients, in many agencies the novelty can be used normally. This proposal is quite futuristic, the service has been officially released by Bradesco to customers since December 13, with the service, Bradesco customers can cash withdrawals and queries of account balance at ATMs without having to use the bank card.


Account Access


Account Access


The new account access technology is made thanks to ” biometric identification “, which we have seen in dozens of films such as The Avengers, Iron Man 2, Phantom Protocol, Transformers 3 where much of the hits come with the reading of the retina, the thumb or the complete hand, in the case of Bradesco the reading is done in the palm of the hand and does not need to use the plastic.

What is Biometrics? Biometrics is one of the most advanced security technologies in the world for data protection and access. Its characteristic feature is the use of unique physical or behavioral measures in the Bradesco bank, Biometry technology is used as an access device using the “palm”, it functions as a scanner that captures the image of the vascular pattern and serves as authentication every time the customer uses the Self-Service machine.

According to Bradesco, approximately 93% of the more than 35,000 machines and self-service terminals are already working with the new Biometric reading device.


Biometric Access

Biometric Access

If you want to use the service to access the banking system with Biometrics, you must first make a previous registration, for this, just go to one of the bank agencies to request the scanning of the palm and present: Original documentation that has photo – current account and / or savings – Physical Person – Current security device for Access, TAN Code or Token – 6-digit password, typing when registering.


Consultations and withdrawals


Consultations and withdrawals


How to consult the balance, statements and withdraw without card of the necessary money in the checking account or savings account Bradesco without the card? The procedure is simple, the customer types in the electronic answering machine, the numbers of his agency, account and digit. If the account used at the time is a joint account, it will be necessary to inform who is the holder that is using the service.

With the access to the system, the client selects the desired operation or the value of the serve, does the validation of the operation with the use of Biometrics using the palm of the hand. The only thing I did not understand was the use of the six-digit password to end the transaction. The transactions with Biometria do not change the value of the withdrawals made in the conventional way, that is to say, they are the same of the transactions with the banking card.

Note : Other banks such as Itaú and Santander are also in this race of access for cardless withdrawals and consultations of balances and statements, in addition to news with prepaid cards, chip cards and contactless cards, we are attentive.